1. The JINR Information System for Scientific Certification (hereinafter referred to as ISSC) is used for submitting documents by applicants for the academic degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science to the dissertation councils of JINR (hereinafter referred to as the Dissertation Councils).

2. For preliminary submission of the documents (in electronic form) login and password received at registration are required. By opening the account at ISSC the Applicant therefore gives consent to having his/her personal data processed.

3. JINR employees should use Single-Sign-On-login (SSO-login) for entering their ISSC accounts. If the academic degree applicant is a JINR employee but does not have an SSO login, he/she should contact the JINR Network Service to gain access to ISSC.
External applicants should use the login and password that they have received on completing their ISSC registration and activating their account.
The new account is activated within three office days from the date of registration after the registration request is authorized.

4. Upon activating the account and entering ISSC, the applicant for an academic degree accesses the personal account webpage designed to submit the dissertation details and required documents (in electronic form).

5. The ISSC login and password may not be shared with a third party.

6. The ISSC registration may not be duplicated. Creating a duplicate account (an account with the previously used login) is blocked.

7. All documents submitted to ISSC should be e-filed. The text documents are uploaded only if signed in the prescribed manner. PDF formatted documents should be uploaded only if all authenticity identifiers (graphic signatures, stamps, numbers, date designations, etc.) are preserved. The digitized images of the documents should be in colour with a resolution of not less than 200 dpi. The file size of each uploaded document, except the dissertation and abstract, may not exceed 10 MB. The dissertation file and abstract files may not exceed 30 Mb. The file name should identify the document and the number of pages in it (example: Application_2p.pdf).

8. Every document should be uploaded to ISSC as a separate file.

9. Upon completion of the dissertation details (when all the required fields are filled in) and uploading all the files required, the applicant for an academic degree chooses “Send”.

10. It is Moscow time that is automatically registered by ISSC and considered as the time of document submission.

11. Issues related to applicant’s non-compliance with the requirements established for providing JINR dissertation councils with documents and materials using ISSC are resolved according to the Regulations for Conferring Academic Degrees at JINR.

12. All queries regarding submission of electronic documents to the Dissertation Councils should be sent to ISSC e-mail.